Will my extended benefits cover our services?

Many Insurance companies cover Athletic Therapy and Osteopathy. If this is important for you please check with you insurance company prior to booking an appointment

What should I wear to appointments?

Please bring shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes to your appointment.

What is an Athletic Therapist?

Check out our page here . Also you can look at the CATA website for further information by clicking here.

What is an Osteopathic Practitioner?

Check out our page here. Also you can look at the OsteoBC website for further information by clicking here.

Do you direct bill insurance companies?

Sorry! We do not do direct billing. We will issue you a receipt after you pay for the service and you can submit that receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How do I start an ICBC Active Rehabilitation?

If your accident is within the last 12 weeks please book an Athletic Therapy Initial Consultation and make sure to fill the intake form out including your claim number.

If your accident is beyond 12 weeks ago please ask your recovery specialist for approval.

Please note ICBC covers $106.05 for an Initial consultation and $87.15 for follow up appointments. We will direct bill ICBC for these amounts and charge the difference to you.

What is Reconditioning?

Check out our page here.


Email: info@reconditioninghub.com

Call (604) 897-7797